Changes That Help Make Your Home Safer For Someone With Physical Limitations

If someone in your household has recently been injured or they are suffering from a condition that now makes it harder for them to get around your home safely, then you want to do everything possible to make a safer and more comfortable home for them. You can learn about some helpful changes and additions you can make around your house in this article. 

Install a walk in shower with a seat

If you have a stand up shower in your home then you can have it replaced with one that has a seat in it. This will make it a lot safer for them to take their shower since they won't have to stand, which can be difficult and will increase their chances of falling. If you are unable to have a shower with a seat installed, then you can get them a shower chair to use that can be brought in and out of the shower as needed.

Install a walk in tub

You can have your current bathtub replaced with a walk in one to allow them to take a bath comfortably and without getting hurt. The door in the side of the tub makes it safe and easy for them to walk in and out with ease. These tubs also have non-slip seats in them so they can sit to bathe. They also have handheld showerheads that can be used to wash the upper part of their body.

Have a hospital bed put in their room

When someone has trouble moving around, it can even be difficult for them to get in and out of bed. Plus, it can increase their chances of getting hurt further by accidentally falling while they are trying to navigate their way in or out of the bed. Hospital beds have head and foot sections that can be raised and lowered so they can navigate the bed safer. They also have rails to prevent them from falling out of bed and to help them pull themselves up.

Install a stair glide along a stair case

If you have a stair case in your home then it will be hard for them to make their way up to the second floor. In fact, it may be nearly impossible, depending on how much trouble they have with their mobility. Installing a stair glide will offer them a safe and comfortable seat they can sit in while they are taken up and down the stairs. 

These few changes can make a world of difference to the person in your home who now has a harder time making their way through the house and taking care of their daily needs.