Showing Concern After A Funeral The Non-Floral Way

After the death of a loved one or close acquaintance, you may wish to express your respect, support, and sympathy to the surviving family. Usually, flowers are sent to adorn the funeral home and casket. Sometimes, in lieu of flowers, donations to a charity are requested. If these traditional gestures still do not seem adequate, here are some appropriate ways to still express compassion and esteem after a death.

Helping Hand

After the funeral service and burial is complete, funeral guests go home and resume their normal lives. However, the surviving family members are still struggling to deal with their loss. Now is a good time to offer yourself for services the family may need now that their loved one is gone.

Minor tasks seem overwhelming during times of grief, and you can perform some of these to express your love and sympathy: help take care of the yard or garden, maintain or repair a vehicle, organize a garage or other room, and prepare meals.

Valuable Time

By organizing regular visits with mourning family members, you can show your support. Take walks with them, play games, go out for coffee or go grocery shopping together, and invite them to your home for meals. Spending your time with them lets them know you care and wish to help them deal with their loss.

You may just need to be a great listener if they want to pour out their emotions to someone. Be that listening ear they need, and only offer advice if they request it. Right now, they probably receive an abundance of unsolicited advice.


Depending on the needs of the family members, you can provide much-needed contributions after the funeral. Monetary gifts are always welcome, as are other items that make life a little easier like gift cards for dinner in a restaurant or entertainment such as a movie or travel.

Food donations are a thoughtful, essential gesture if a family is struggling financially. Offer to stock a pantry or freezer, or simply give them grocery gift cards so they can choose their own basics.

Small Gifts

After a funeral, the family most likely has an over-abundance of lovely flowers and plants from sympathetic well-wishers. Sometimes grieving families take notice and appreciate if you privately give them a meaningful gift. Depending on your relationship with the deceased, you might purchase something as simple as a beautiful framed photo, or as large as a piece of cherished furniture.

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