How To Prepare For Cancer Treatment (Chemotherapy)

Thanks to advancements in medical treatments, 67 percent of cancer patients enjoy a 5-year survival rate. That doesn't make treatment easy. It can be nerve-wracking the first time you walk into the oncology center for your first chemotherapy session. Patients can make the experience less brutal by preparing properly. Try our 4 tips on how to prepare for chemotherapy. 1. Prioritize Healthy Living Chemotherapy puts poison into your body in an effort to kill the cancer.

Questions To Ask When You Visit An Alcohol Abuse Recovery Information Center

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol recovery. The more information you have and the more resources available to you, the more likely you will be to succeed in your treatment plan. Going to the alcohol abuse recovery information center is the first step toward knowledge. The next step is asking the right questions. Try asking the following four questions during your visit to an alcohol abuse recovery information center.

Managing The Recovery Of Spinal Surgery Patients

If you recently had spinal surgery, then your physician may have recommended that you transfer to a hospital for special surgery rehab. These hospitals offer intensive programs specifically designed to rehabilitate patients who have had extensive or complicated surgical procedures. Here are some treatments you may receive after your spinal procedure at a hospital for special surgery rehab. Pain Management Before you can actively participate in your rehab program following your spinal surgery, your pain will need to be managed.

3 Ways A Healthcare Podcast Show Can Encourage Healthy Living

If you're looking for ways to encourage healthy living, a healthcare podcast show may be just what you need. These shows can help you get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are three ways a healthcare podcast show can encourage healthy living. They Can Help You Stay Informed A healthcare podcast show can help you stay informed about the latest health and wellness information. They interview healthcare professionals, researchers, and everyday people living healthy lifestyles.

Nonpulsatile Tinnitus? Try Acupuncture To Help

According to Psychology Today, a chronic ringing or buzzing noise in your ears can contribute to anger, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even suicidal ideation. This condition is called tinnitus and anyone who suffers from it can be at risk of these and other psychological disorders. One-fourth of the respondents to a survey reported that their condition is disabling.  Fortunately, research has concluded the effectiveness of acupuncture in reducing the severity and loudness of nonpulsatile tinnitus.