How To Prepare For Cancer Treatment (Chemotherapy)

Thanks to advancements in medical treatments, 67 percent of cancer patients enjoy a 5-year survival rate. That doesn't make treatment easy. It can be nerve-wracking the first time you walk into the oncology center for your first chemotherapy session. Patients can make the experience less brutal by preparing properly. Try our 4 tips on how to prepare for chemotherapy.

1. Prioritize Healthy Living

Chemotherapy puts poison into your body in an effort to kill the cancer. At the same time, it will negatively impact your health. You will need a strong immune system to fight the chemo. To strengthen your immune system, you should make lifestyle changes to be more healthy. 

Ways to get your body strong enough for chemo include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Plenty of sleep
  • No tobacco or alcohol 

2. Prepare Yourself For the Aftermath

The body expels poison. Your body will attempt to expel the poison put in your body through chemotherapy by vomiting and defecating. You will experience extreme nausea and require close proximity to the toilet. You will also feel tired. What happens if you need to go to the store? You should stock your cabinets with food and cleaning supplies before your first appointment. You should also ask a friend to pick up your medication for you or have it delivered. Don't forget foods that soothe the stomach, such as crackers and ginger tea.

3. Educate Yourself on Chemotherapy

Read up on chemotherapy and ask your doctor your questions. Once you understand the science and medicine behind the process, it will make more sense to you. The more you know, the better choices you will make, too. In your studies, you will encounter discouraging moments. Look for the positive stories, too. 

4. Get Support 

Chemotherapy puts a strain on the body and the spirit. You shouldn't go through it alone. Enlist support from friends or loved ones. If you don't have an existing support system, look into support groups and therapy. It's important to remain strong and positive. Your support system can help you remain strong even in the moments you feel weak. Most facilities won't allow a person to leave an appointment without a ride. The friend can help entertain you during the actual chemotherapy, too. 

Cancer is no longer necessarily a death sentence. No matter how grim or bright your projected outlook is, keep fighting to the very end. Your first chemo appointment is the start of a very long journey. Reach out to a doctor to learn more about cancer treatment.