Ways Phimosis Treatments Help Boys Embarrassed By This Situation

A growing movement against circumcision has created a much larger population of boys with foreskin in the nation. And while this is in no way a major problem, parents who do not circumcise their son may not realize that phimosis and other similar issues may affect their child. As a result, it is important to understand the different treatment and cure options available. Phimosis May Be a Sudden Problem Parents who decide not to circumcise their sons have many reasons why they refuse this step.

Why Is Keyhole Surgery Preferred For The Spine?

If you have been dealing with spinal health issues such as a slipped disc or nerve compression for a while, your doctor may be recommending that you go in for surgery. In pursuing this solution, you will quickly realize that there are two approaches: open surgery and keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery, also known a minimally invasive surgery, costs more and insurance does not always completely cover it. However, it is almost always the better option for spinal procedures.