Ways Phimosis Treatments Help Boys Embarrassed By This Situation

A growing movement against circumcision has created a much larger population of boys with foreskin in the nation. And while this is in no way a major problem, parents who do not circumcise their son may not realize that phimosis and other similar issues may affect their child. As a result, it is important to understand the different treatment and cure options available.

Phimosis May Be a Sudden Problem

Parents who decide not to circumcise their sons have many reasons why they refuse this step. And in most cases, there are no complications that make this choice a bad one. However, an uncircumcised young boy may suddenly find that they cannot pull back their foreskin when showering or bathing and experience a high level of pain if they attempt to do so. This issue occurs in a shocking amount of young boys – as much as 90 percent in some age groups. When it happens, a boy will likely not only feel physical pain but emotional discomfort as well. That's because they may be embarrassed to talk about it with their families and their doctors and struggle to accept this difference. As a result, parents of a child with this condition need to find a cure or treatment that can keep their child healthy and happy in spite of this condition.

Treatments are Available for This Condition

Phimosis treatments and finding a phimosis cure typically start by addressing any underlying issues contributing to this problem. For example, urinary tract infections, some types of skin infections, and more can all cause this issue. By treating these problems first, a doctor makes it easier to treat the phimosis later. They may also need to try behavior adjustments to ensure that the child doesn't handle the foreskin too roughly in the future. After that, the phimosis itself is treated by using an ointment and various types of creams to help soften the skin and separate the foreskin from the head of the penis. In many cases, this process is all that is needed to separate the skin from the glans or head. Parents or the child can provide this gentle massage or it can be left to the doctor, depending on the child's comfort with this treatment.

However, a child may also need emotional comfort after this type of situation to ensure that they don't end up experiencing any difficulties later. Even after the skin has separated from the glans, the child may still have some embarrassment that parents and their counselor must address to help them recover.