Knee Scooter Questions You May Need Answered

A knee injury can be a remarkably debilitating problem to experience. In addition to causing severe pain, these injuries can also hamper a person's ability to move around. Fortunately, knee scooters are designed to help individuals suffering from these injuries regain much of their mobility. However, if you have never had to use a knee scooter, it is likely that there are a couple of questions that you need addressed before deciding if this medical aid is what you need. 

Is A Knee Scooter Covered By Insurance?

Any type of medical aid can be remarkably expensive to purchase, and knee scooters are no different. Sadly, some people do not have the money readily available to purchase one of these devices, and this can cause them to forgo the benefits of these aids. However, most insurance policies will pay for a knee scooter if it is deemed medically necessary for your recovery or rehabilitation. 

In order to prove this need, you will need to have your doctor fax or mail forms showing that your recovery depends on or would be greatly enhanced by the use of a knee scooter. After reviewing the claim, most insurance companies will approve this request in a matter of days following receipt of the documents from your doctor, and this can allow you to enjoy a knee scooter without have to pay the full price. 

What Maintenance Do They Require?

Generally, a knee scooter is considered a temporary device to help someone move around while they are recovering from a major knee injury. Due to this temporary status, most patients will simply rent this device from a medical equipment provider. As a result, most people will not need to use the device long enough for it to require a maintenance cycle. 

In the rare instance that your unit does require maintenance before it is returned, you can contact the supply company to determine the exact steps need to correct the problem. You should never attempt to work on these devices without approval from the provider because if you damage it, you will be fully responsible for the repair or replacement costs. 

If you have had the misfortune of suffering a major knee injury, you may be struggling to get around while it recovers. Fortunately, a knee scooter can be the perfect solution for allowing you a generous degree of freedom without further aggravating your knee condition. After learning the answers to these common questions about knee scooters, you will have a better idea of what to expect when you get one. For more information about the scooters themselves, contact a company like KneeRover.