Macular Degeneration: 3 Worrisome Signs Of Age-Related Degenerative Vision Loss

As you know, your eyes go through a lot of changes as you age. If you've recently had to start reaching for a pair of reading glasses or have had to ask someone next to you in the grocery store what a label says, you're probably experiencing normal age-related vision loss. However, a small percentage of people with age-related degenerative loss are actually at risk for blindness due to a condition called macular degeneration. For this reason, it's vital that you know what symptoms to watch out for. Following are three worrisome signs of macular degeneration. 

Blurry Central Vision

Since the macula, located in the center of the retina, is responsible for center or straight ahead vision, symptoms almost always appear in the center field of vision. Blurred or decreased central vision is often the first sign of macular degeneration. Unlike normal age-related vision issues, which give you trouble when you're trying to decipher tiny print or something up close, macular degeneration affects both near and far vision. It can also cause blind spots in your vision. 

Weird Shapes and Colors

If you feel as if you're walking through a carnival fun house with all the wonky mirrors, you might be suffering from macular degeneration. If left untreated, macular degeneration can lead to a condition known as metamorphopsia. Not only can this condition cause straight lines to appear wavy, it can also make objects appear as if they've changed color or shape. If objects appear quite different when you close one eye, you could be suffering from this condition. Additionally, if colors seem a bit off or less vibrant in some way, you might have metamorphopsia brought about by macular degeneration. 

Small, Far Away Objects

In some cases of macular degeneration, the macula swells and bulges, which can lead to a condition called micropsia. In this condition, objects appear smaller in one eye than in the other. Objects may also appear farther away than they actually are, causing major depth-perception issues. As you can imagine, this condition can cause trip and fall accidents. 

While you can expect your vision to change substantially as you age, some symptoms are not part of the normal aging process. If you experience any strange symptoms with your vision, have your eyes evaluated by a doctor at places like Malkani Retina Center. As with most degenerative diseases, macular degeneration is best treated if caught early. Therefore, it's vital to alert your doctor to any vision changes as soon as they occur.