Healthy with Diabetes: The Proper Care and Treatment of Your Feet

If you are recently diagnosed with diabetes, the proper care and treatment of your feet matters more than it ever has before. While everyone should maintain their feet, a person with diabetes has special needs to consider. Diabetics can have trouble with circulation, and can be slow to heal from sores, cuts, or abrasions. Keeping your feet healthy by visiting a foot doctor regularly is the best way to avoid complications in the future.

Poor Circulation Causes Slow Healing

Diabetes causes circulation problems, and this can be a big concern when you are dealing with your feet. Even a small problem, such as a blister, can become infected and difficult to treat. Poor circulation makes it more difficult for you to heal, so you will need to pay attention to even the smallest issues with your feet. Infections can spread, and left untreated, can result in amputation of the diseased area.

Diabetes Can Cause Foot Numbness or Tingling

With diabetic neuropathy, the nerves in your feet become damaged. This results in permanent numbness or tingling in your extremities. When you have neuropathy, you run the risk of unnoticed foot injuries. Left neglected, small foot problems will fester into bigger problems. Have your feet check regularly by a professional to ensure that there are no issues or areas of concern.

Caring For Your Feet

While everyone can benefit from these suggestions, it's important for diabetics to consider the following foot care routines for maximum foot health:

  • Check between each toe, your heels, and the soles of your feet every day for signs of cuts, blisters or abrasions.
  • Wash your feet carefully at least once a day. Dry your feet with a soft towel, making sure to get between your toes dry.
  • Cut toenails right after washing because they are easier to trim when they are soft.
  • Wear socks that aren't binding so that you don't hinder the circulation process further.
  • Shoes should fit comfortably, should not cause blisters, and should not be binding.

If you are unable to care for your feet on your own, you have to schedule regular visits with a foot doctor. Going to a nail salon to have your feet trimmed isn't going to be enough. They will make your feet look pretty, but you have special concerns you will need to address with a professional physician like The Podiatry Center. To stay healthy and active with diabetes, take good care of your feet.