Protecting Your Health: Don't Fall for These Prostate Cancer Myths

Prostate cancer is one of the most rarely discussed and most significant concerns for adult men. Unfortunately, the lack of discussion about this condition has led to a lot of misinformation being spread and believed. You've probably even heard a lot of the misconceptions and may not know the real truth. Male or female, it's in your best interest to understand the truths behind some of these prostate cancer myths – not just for you, but for all the men in your life.

Myth: I'm Too Young to Worry about Prostate Cancer

Although it's true that prostate cancer doesn't occur frequently in men under 40, forty percent of diagnosed cases occur in men younger than 65. This means that it's in your best interest to be attentive to the risk factors and examinations no matter what your age. There is no single age in which you are safe from prostate cancer concerns, even if your risk factors are lower in your earlier adult years.

Myth: I Have No Family History, So I'm at Lower Risk

Many risk factors can contribute to your chances of a prostate cancer diagnosis, including your age, lifestyle, overall health, and family history. With so many things affecting the development of prostate cancer, simply having no family history of the disease doesn't mean you're not at risk. You should always have the necessary screenings and exams, just in case.

Myth: I Don't Have Any Symptoms, So I Can't Have Prostate Cancer

The presence of prostate cancer isn't always obvious. A lack of symptoms doesn't necessarily translate into a lack of the condition. Sometimes, the symptoms of prostate cancer do exist, but you've dismissed them as part of another problem. For example, the need to urinate frequently or stiffness in your lower back could easily be attributed to other issues. Both of these are also indications of prostate cancer. Don't dismiss cancer screenings and proper prostate health care simply because you believe that an absence of symptoms means you have nothing to worry about. Additionally, the earlier it's detected, the better your chances will be of a full recovery.

Knowledge is the first line of defense against any health condition, prostate cancer included. Understanding the truth behind these myths is just the first step. If you have concerns about your health, talk with your doctor right away. If you find that you need prostate cancer treatment, a specialist like Unity Urology PC will help you to address your specific situation and even give you some guidance about after-care to help protect your long-term health.