Finding Good Values on Organic Groceries

For many people, buying organic is more than just a fad or a passing fascination. Instead, it's a commitment to ensuring that you know as much as possible about what you're putting into your body. Unfortunately, not every town has a wealth of options for organic shoppers, but even in this case there are options available which offer good selection and good value for your money.

Locally Owned and Operated Grocers

In the absence of an organic grocery store, look to locally owned and operated stores, especially those with a commitment to local farmers. Many of these carry a small selection of organic produce from smaller farms in the area. While the produce they offer may not be widely varied, the fact that it's locally grown and sourced will often provide greater freshness and better price points than those found on mass-marketed products.

As an added benefit of shopping and buying locally you'll be supporting local food producers and putting your money back into your local community. That in turn will help encourage more local farmers to keep their produce local, helping to further further reduce the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone. While locally grown produce might limit your options for seasonal items, it will also lighten the load your wallet has to bear.

Local Farmers' Markets

There are few ways you can get a better value on produce than buying directly from the people who grow your food. Farmers' markets are especially important in smaller communities where you might not be able to find a major grocery store chain. As an added bonus to shopping for produce at a farmers' market, you may find yourself exposed to a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and other food that you would have otherwise never thought to find locally.

Don't be shy about asking questions when shopping at a farmers' market. You'll rarely have the opportunity in any other setting to have direct contact with the people responsible for feeding your family, so make the most of it and be certain you know everything that went into what you're buying. Finally, of course, after a few weeks there's a good chance you'll begin building relationships with vendors and farmers who frequent your local farmers' market. These relationships can't be represented at a monetary value, but they can make the experience of shopping at farmers' markets well worth your effort.

Unfortunately, many small towns and communities simply don't have the customer base necessary to support an organic grocer. Under those circumstances, you should still know where to find the best value and selection on organically grown produce. You might not find all the same things, but you'll find a great value on what you buy. Contact an organic food provider like Southtown Health Foods for more information.