3 Reasons Why You Should Include Massage Therapy With Your Physical Therapy Routine

There's nothing more frustrating than being an avid runner, only to suffering an injury that leaves you unable to walk. Even though you know that you'll eventually heal over time, it can be hard to watch other people doing the activity that you love and being unable to participate. Physical therapy is an excellent way to make sure that you heal quickly and effectively, as well as ensure that you get your full range of motion back. However, you can augment physical therapy with massage therapy to heal even faster. Here are three reasons why you should include massage therapy with your physical therapy routine.

1. Stimulates the Muscles

One reason why you want to include massage along with the rest of your physical therapy routine is because it can reduce the pain of your injury and make it easier to do the exercises at the physical therapy rehabilitation center. If you are not in pain, you will be more likely to practice the exercises on a regular basis and get stronger more quickly.

Massage therapy is also helpful because it stimulates the muscles and warms them up. If you go for a massage and then immediately go to your rehabilitation center, your muscles will already be loose and relaxed. In this state, it's easy to work as hard as you can on your exercises. Finally, massage therapy can relieve any stiffness that you might feel by putting improving the circulation of blood into your legs.

2. Reduces Depression and Hopelessness

If a big part of your identity was the activity that you can no longer do due to your injury, then there's a chance that you might experience some sadness, hopelessness, or frustration while you wait for your body to get stronger and heal. Having regular massages will be able to increase the circulation of blood, and therefore hormones, throughout your body. These hormones will be able to improve your mood and give you some resistance against sad or hopeless thoughts when they are balanced

3. Gets Rid of Metabolic Waste

If you get a deep-tissue massage, it will get rid of any metabolic waste that might be clogging up your muscles. By getting rid of this waste, you will be able to make sure that your muscles get stronger as quickly as possible.

For more information, talk to you physical therapist, like those at Nick Roselli Occupational Therapy. He or she will be able to recommend massage clinics nearby.