4 Key Steps To Receiving Hearing Aids

If you feel that you are suffering from any hearing loss, then you should consider receiving hearing aids to help you continue to live a lifestyle that you are used to. With hearing aids, you will be able to continue communicating with your loved ones and others, as well as be able to continue attending events, school, and more and still be able to listen and follow along with what is going on. Here are the five key steps that will help you receive the right hearing aids for you:

Hearing Test: First, you are going to have to receive a hearing test from an audiologist. He or she will determine what type of hearing loss you are suffering from, as well as the severity of the hearing loss. Knowing these two things will help determine what type of hearing aids are going to be necessary for you to use. 

Medical Clearance: After receiving your hearing test, you must take the results to your primary doctor. He or she will determine whether or not it is possible that your hearing can be improved by any kind of treatment. If you can receive treatment medically or surgically, then it will probably be best for to continue with this process. However, if it is determined that this is not possible for you, then your doctor will provide a written evaluation that will allow you to proceed with the next steps to receive hearing aids. 

Assessment: With the written evaluation by your doctor in hand, you will return back to your audiologist for an assessment. It is during this time that your audiologist will talk about the different kinds of hearing aids that are available to you. Then you and your audiologist will discuss what type is right for you. This should be determined based on your lifestyle and specific needs. Once this is done, impressions of your ears will be done to help provide a personalized fit for your future hearing aids.

Fitting Appointment: When your hearing aids arrive, you will need to go in to have them fitted. If the fit is off, then they will be adjusted so that they fit more comfortably in your ears. Your audiologist will also discuss maintenance and use of the hearing aids so that you can go home knowing exactly how they work. 

Knowing these four steps to receiving hearing aids will ensure that you are taking the right ones to get your properly fitted hearing aids in a timely manner (at centers like Abingdon Falls Plaza Hearing Center).