Dental Tips: 3 Ways To Keep Your Oral Regimen Simple But Effective

You might be overwhelmed with all the oral care tips out there. And you might think that they are complicated and require too much work.  Well, you can apply effective oral care practices without complicated recipes. The following are 3 simple things that you can do to take care of your oral health.

1. Drink The Right Water

Yes, you read that correctly; you can help take care of your oral health by just drinking water. The right type of water is untouched living water or raw spring water. What makes this water special is that it has not been altered, so it still has a naturally high pH value. The pH value is what makes this type of water good for your mouth.

The harmful bacteria in your mouth thrive in an environment with a low pH value because they reproduce better in acidic environments. Drinking this type of water neutralizes the acidity in your mouth, making it uninhabitable to oral pathogens.

2. Try A Stick

The next thing you can try is purchasing a neem stick, which is just a simple twig that you can use to brush your teeth. The twig is used in many countries in the Middle East as the primary type of toothbrush for oral care. This is a completely natural option that already contains antibacterial properties, so there is no need to use toothpaste. One of the antibacterial properties that neem contains is nimbin, though there are more. This active ingredient helps kill some of the bacteria that are responsible for cavities and gingivitis. A study showed that after three weeks of using neem 80 percent of the bacteria in your mouth should be significantly reduced.

You can purchase this stick in your local health food store or online, and all you have to do is chew on it periodically.

3. Coconut Oil Rinse

Another thing you can try is rinsing your mouth out with raw and unfiltered coconut oil from time to time. The reason that you want to use coconut oil is because it is filled with several fatty chains, which are harmless until they are broken down by the enzymes in your saliva. The fatty chains release acids that are poisonous to the kind of bacteria that could lead to tooth decay.

You can purchase this type of coconut oil in your local health food store or online. All you have to do is rinse your mouth out with the oil for about 5 minutes. You can spit out the oil afterwards, and you are done. You can rinse your mouth once every week or more, although that depends on you.

These suggestions are just meant to help prevent dental ailments. Be sure to visit your dentist periodically to make sure you are not already dealing with gingivitis, cavities, or other problems. For more information, check with a professional like Michael C. Cordora DDS, PLLC.