Helpful Information About Head Lice

Has your scalp been itching a lot and feels like something is tickling it? You might be suffering from head lice, and it is a good idea to get treated in a timely manner to prevent them from spreading to someone else. Take a look at the article below for some helpful information about head lice so you will know what to expect if you are diagnosed with having it.

What is Head Lice?

Head lice are insects that live on the scalp. The insects are able to survive by consuming blood. Female louse are able to stick eggs (nits) to multiple hair shafts so that more lice are produced, which is why you need prompt treatment before the problem gets out of control. It is possible that you obtained head lice from another person. The insects crawl around and can get into hats, brushes, pillows and anything else that has made contact with the hair of someone that has them.

What is Done to Diagnose Head Lice?

A specialist will have to wet your hair with a product like hair conditioner when diagnosing head lice. The lubricant will make it easy for the specialist to comb through your hair and catch nits. If any nits are found present in your hair, the specialist will have to examine them to determine if they are live or not. It is also possible that the specialist will search for nits by using a Woods lamp. The lamp will be used in a dark room because it will help the specialist locate the nits easier, as they will appear as a bluish color. You will also be asked if you ever feel anything crawling around on your scalp, neck and ears.

What Kind of Treatment Will Be Done?

Depending on the severity of the infestation, a specialist might recommend that you purchase an over-the-counter drug for head lice treatment. However, a severe infestation of the insects might not go away with over-the-counter drugs, so the specialist might have to prescribe something more potent. He or she will likely prescribe a medicated shampoo that can kill live nits. Benzyl alcohol is another prescription drug that can be applied to your hair to kill lice, as it is effective because it deprives the insects of oxygen. Make an appointment with a specialist to find out if you have head lice as soon as you can.