Reduce Your Risk Of Eye Strain With These Tips When You Use The Computer

On average, Americans spend than more eight hours per day with their eyes focused on electronic screens, including computers, TVs and smartphones. If you sit at a computer all day, you might be dealing with tired, irritated eyes by the time your workday ends. Over a prolonged period, this eye strain can prompt you to visit your optometrist for an eye exam. After all, the strain you're experiencing will be worse if your eyesight could benefit from glasses or a change in your current glasses prescription. In the meantime, focus on these tips to alleviate some of the strain for your eyes due to staring at the computer.

Adjust Your Computer's Accessibility Settings

If you find that you're really straining to look at your computer screen — perhaps to the point that you're squinting your eyes and leaning forward — it's worthwhile to see if you can get some relief by adjusting your computer's accessibility settings. Doing so can change the size of the text on your screen and switch what you're reading to white text on a black background, among other changes. The exact process to change these settings depends on your computer and operating system, but you can find the proper control panel by running a search for "Accessibility."

Upgrade Your Monitor

You can often find that upgrading your monitor can reduce the strain your eyes experience throughout the day. Newer monitors have better resolution, more vivid colors and sharper contrast that can be easier for your eyes. Conversely, older monitors can often seem a little blurry, which forces your eyes to work harder. Speak to your manager or a human resources professional; because this is a workplace safety issue, you shouldn't have a problem getting the company to get a new monitor for you. If you spend a lot of time on your home computer, it's worthwhile to spend the money on a new monitor for the health of your eyes.

Make Sure Your Screen Is Clean

It might sound simple, but making sure that your computer screen is clean can also positively contribute to your eye health. When the screen is dirty, your eyes will strain more — just like when your windshield is dirty. Over the course of several hours, the dirt on the computer screen can lead to eye fatigue. Don't just wipe the screen with your sleeve. Get a proper cleaning product — typically, a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth — to get the job done correctly.

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