Can't Read Up Close? Options You Have For Your Glasses

If the last time you were at a restaurant you had to ask someone else to read the menu, it is time to get some prescription glasses. Below are some different types of glasses you can choose from to take care of this problem so you can read the menu or anything else with no problems.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses can be purchased almost anywhere in different strengths, which is usually +1.0 to +4.0. In most cases, you will not need anything like a +3.5 or +4.0 strength.

These glasses do not do well if you have bad eyesight overall because if you look up while wearing these glasses everything will look blurry to you. There are half reading glasses you can purchase that allows you to see up close while looking down.

Reading glasses have many accessories. You can find them tiny and foldable so they can easily fit in your pocket or purse. There are also reading glasses you wear around your neck, much like a necklace. You can find these glasses with tinted lenses to provide UV protection if you wear them outdoors.


Reading glasses are great for a temporary option but you should visit your eye doctor for something more permanent. One option you have is bifocal lenses. With these glasses, you will have a correction for the lower half of the lenses and a different correction for the upper half of the lens. Flat-top bifocal lenses are generally used. These lenses have a larger area at the top with a smaller area at the lower half.  With bifocals, there is a horizontal line on the lens to separate the two areas.  If you do not like the look of this line, you have the option of progressive lenses.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, look like regular glasses. They are made like traditional bifocals without the line. With bifocals, you notice an abrupt change when you look up and then look down. This can make you dizzy, especially when you start wearing them. With progressive lenses, however, there is no abrupt change when looking at images.  These glasses are especially useful for someone that sits in front of a computer because they may look down and up frequently.

Visit an eye doctor, like one from White Bear Eye Clinic & Optical, for a checkup and for more information about these lenses. They can help you decide what you would like best.