Relieving the Symptoms of Hives with Natural Methods

If you have an allergic reaction which causes red, itchy welts to show up on your skin, you will most likely want to find an effective method in treating the condition properly. Hives can be the result of an allergic reaction to dust, certain foods, chemical agents, or pet dander. At the first signs of this reaction, it will be necessary in trying to find relief. Here are some natural ways you can use to minimize the symptoms of hives contracted during an allergic reaction. 

Shrink Your Blood Vessels

When an allergic reaction occurs in the form of a skin problem, histamine is released from cells within your body. The presence of this chemical in your body can be minimized by trying to shrink your blood vessels as they contribute to fluid leakage which exacerbates allergy symptoms. To minimize blood vessels naturally, try taking a cool bath or shower. A cold compress can also be placed on the skin to stop the release of histamine when blood vessels minimize. Applying witch hazel to welts can also be beneficial in shrinkage of blood vessels.

Stop Inflammation and Itching

When hives become present on the skin, they are usually puffy in appearance. Inflammation of the skin can contribute to itchiness and discomfort. To help stop inflammation, try eating a cold water fish dish made with salmon or tuna fish. The omega-3 content in these fishes will naturally reduce inflammation. An omega-3 vitamin could be taken as an alternative. To reduce itching, a homemade paste can be made from baking soda and water. Simply add enough water to a small bowl of baking soda to moisten it until it becomes the consistency of toothpaste. Apply this mixture directly to the hives on your skin to stop itching effectively. Another natural way to stop itching of hives is to dab vinegar directly to affected areas.

Avoid Stress and Increase Relaxation

Stress tends to make the effects of hives feel even worse. It can cause the condition to last longer with more intensity. To help relieve discomfort felt from hives, it is important to try to relax as much as possible. Avoid confrontational situations and minimize your workload if possible. Try doing some light yoga or try some meditation in a quiet room. Listen to classical or easy listening music to boost your spirits. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages while suffering from this condition. Taking time for yourself to relax will aid in your healing time.