How to Treat Perennial Conjunctivitis

Many people with allergies do not look forward to the spring months. During the spring months, a lot of pollen is in the air, which triggers your allergies. Seasonal allergies do not affect only your nose, but they can also cause you to have watery eyes. This condition makes your eyes red, gritty, and itchy. For these reasons, some people develop perennial conjunctivitis.

Perennial conjunctivitis is a chronic, year-round condition that is triggered when eyes come in contact with dust, chemicals, and animal dander. If you have trouble with this condition, then it is time to see an optometrist. Read on to find out how to treat perennial conjunctivitis. 

Antihistamine Eye Drops

Antihistamine eye drops can ease your symptoms. This medication is put directly into your eyes. It provides you temporary relief for itchy eyes due to dander, animal hair, grass, and ragweed. After applying the drops, you receive immediate relief.

Antihistamines also come in tablet form. They are taken to lower the allergic response in your body. It takes oral medication a little longer to work, so you should take oral antihistamines before going outside. However, oral antihistamines won't do much for the symptoms related to your eyes.


A vasoconstrictor is an eye drop that alleviates redness. It narrows the small blood vessels in the surface of your eyes. The narrowing stops your blood vessels from carrying chemicals to the affected area.

Good Hygiene

Good hygiene prevents you from getting conjunctivitis and spreading it to other people. It is important to wash your hands frequently. You can catch germs from door knobs, shaking hands, and from touching the remote. It is very important to wash your hand before and after applying treatment to your eyes.


If you leave perennial conjunctivitis untreated, then you could develop a bacterial infection in your eyes. Your doctor must prescribe an antibiotic to clear up your infection. The antibiotic is put directly in your eyes, or you can take it by mouth.

Allergy Medications

There is no cure for perennial allergies. You can take allergy shots to build up your tolerance to allergy triggers. Allergy shots do not cure you, but they can make your symptoms less severe. If you can get your allergies under control, then you will stop having problems with your eyes.

Most people are busy with their daily routine. Your routine can get thrown off track when you must deal with itchy eyes. Check out and see a doctor about your condition.