Prosthetics May Extend The Careers Of X Games Athletes

The X Games are popular among a younger set of sports fans. Some X Games have made it all the way to the Olympics, but a number of X Games sports are mostly featured on cable television. Fame can come to anyone who excels in adventurous sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and more. All sports, however, come with a risk of injury. History has shown injuries can be career ending ones. But with the arrival of amazing advancements in technology and medical research, suffering a severe injury might not mean a career has ended. The development of prosthetics for sports performance allows those who lost limbs to return to the forefront of competition.

An Inspiring Tale

Mike Schultz was able to continue his career as a snowmobile and motorcross racer even after losing his leg. Shultz created his own prosthetic, one specially designed to handle the rigors of his sport. Shultz's tale is an inspiring one, and the tale reveals that innovation in design and engineering could lead to the creation of a custom prosthetic capable of handling the rigors of high-intensity sports. Those who are wondering whether or not they can continue pursuing their favorite sports can look towards Shultz and other athletes as proof a return to competition is possible.

Level of Competition

Not everyone who takes part in X Games endeavors is looking to become a well-known champion. Professional athletes surely would require highly-engineered prosthetics capable of handling the demands of serious competition. A hobbyist, however, may be able to acquire less-streamlined prosthetics that are intended for normal and routine sportive use. Such a prosthetic is sure to be far less costly than one designed for professional competition.

Seeking Sponsorship

Even athletes who compete for fun and hobby may garner publicity. Any athlete who generates even a modicum of publicity is going to garner the attention of advertisers and other sponsors. Sponsorship funds could be sought to support the costs associated with acquiring sport-oriented prosthetic limbs. An athlete who chooses to take part in X Games endeavors for the purpose of, say, raising awareness about the viability of prosthetics in sports performance could seek out a sponsor. The sponsor could help with the various expenses common to procuring an appropriate prosthetic.

Raising Awareness

An athlete who raises awareness about the value of prosthetic limbs for X Games and other sports is, ultimately, helping others. Athletes who may assume their careers are over might find out they have many more years of competition left thanks to medical innovations.