The Power Of A Good OB

It is almost astounding how many fears arise when one is expecting their first baby. With so much that can go wrong in a pregnancy, it is understandable why new parents would feel some trepidation. Luckily, parents are not alone on the journey. There is one healthcare professional who has the wonderful opportunity to be with them through all nine months of the pregnancy, namely their obstetrician.

Obstetricians, or OBs as they are commonly called, are the doctors that will both take care of the mother throughout the pregnancy, as well as deliver the baby when the time has come. While there are probably many people around new parents who can share horror stories of bad OBs, there is so much that can be gleaned from a good obstetrician.

Knowledge Brings Peace. When a new mother and father first come to an OBs office, they are usually quite clueless about what to expect and how to respond. Fear is often a common emotion to feel, along with anxiety and uneasiness. However, a good OB has a way of calming their patients by teaching them about their pregnancy. OBs who are talented in their field will not simply treat patients and send them on their way, but teach them about their bodies and what they can expect with this and future pregnancies. This understanding can bring peace to the fear and anxiety that is all too common.

Up-to-date Techniques. A good obstetrician will be up-to-date on the current technologies of bringing children into this world. The technology around childbirth has changed drastically over the last 50 years, and there is now so much that you can know before a child is even born. A knowledge of these techniques can help parents to feel that they are getting the very best care available, calming them even more.

The Calm in the Storm. The actual delivery of a child can be scary for new parents. There they are in a room with nurses and doctors whizzing around and barking orders, nervous for the life of their child. However, a good OB will be the calm in the storm. They will have built up such a rapport with the patient that there is an air of confidence and teamwork through it all.

Do your homework before choosing an obstetrician for your pregnancy. Even if you do get an OB and you are not happy with them, you are allowed to switch. The process of childbirth should not be a nightmare, but a celebration of life!