How You Can Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids To Lengthen Their Life

Hearing aids enable you to hear everything around you. When you're hard of hearing or you've lost part of your hearing, you miss out on a lot in your day to day. You miss out on important information, and the miscommunication that ensues can be troubling at times and usually frustrating as well. If you are hard of hearing and have begun to wear hearing aids, you need to take good care of them in order to prevent them from wearing out too quickly or not working properly. Read on for tips to help you care for your hearing aids.

Wipe Them Daily

You should wipe down your hearing aids every day with a soft microfiber cloth. Wipe them down to remove dust and wax buildup from being in your ears. You can wipe them down before you put them in your ears or after you remove them. You should clean them at least once per week with a soft, damp cloth. If you have a lot of wax buildup, you can add a little bit of white vinegar to the cloth to help remove the wax. Never submerge your hearing aids in water or use so much water that it soaks them. Too much water can cause a problem for your hearing aids and get into the inner workings of your hearing aids and can damage them.

Remove Wax Buildup

Remove wax buildup from the holes in the hearing aids using a toothpick. Don't dig too much inside to remove the wax, or you could damage your hearing aids. Pick out what you can and then use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess. Don't attempt to use anything other than a toothpick, as it can damage your hearing aids.

Have Them Adjusted And Inspected Often

Take your hearing aids in often to have them adjusted for your ears and to have them examined for damage. If they are damaged in any way, you need to have them repaired. If they are bothering you, or you feel like they are bringing in noise rather than sound, you need to have them inspected and repaired.

If you have hearing aids, you need to take good care of them to prevent damage or to prevent them from wearing out too quickly. Hearing aids are not cheap, and they need to be properly cared for so you do not have to purchase new ones before their lifetime. Discuss care of your hearing aids with your physician.