When to Seek Treatment from a Podiatry Surgeon

Most people take the health of their feet for granted, but if something is wrong with your feet, it can significantly affect your quality of life. Podiatry surgery aims to treat foot and ankle conditions that are beyond the everyday scope of foot care. Here are five reasons you should seek treatment from a podiatry surgeon when your foot suffers from foot pain.

Chronic Foot Pain

When you hurt your foot, the pain might last for a few days before disappearing. However, if the foot pain lasts for an extended period, feels stiff, or doesn’t ease with rest, then it’s essential to seek medical help. Podiatry surgeons are experts in diagnosing and treating chronic foot pain problems ranging from nerve damage to torn ligaments.

Foot Deformities

If you have a deformity in your foot that is causing pain or discomfort, it’s important to see a podiatry surgeon. A podiatry surgeon can manage your condition and perform surgical operations, including bunion and hammertoe correction, to alleviate the pain and restore your foot.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be incredibly painful and affect your quality of life. An ingrown toenail could lead to a serious infection if left untreated. A podiatrist surgeon can remove the ingrown nail, relieving your pain. They can also recommend and provide preventative care to help prevent future ingrown toenails.


If you have suffered an injury to your feet or ankles, a podiatry surgeon can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose the injury. They will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you recover. They can also repair any damage caused that may require complicated procedures such as fracture fixation or reconstructive surgery.

Diabetic Wounds

Foot wounds in diabetic patients can cause serious complications, resulting in amputation if not treated quickly. A diabetes-related condition can happen quickly and require immediate medical attention. If you are a diabetic patient, it is always recommended to visit a podiatry surgeon regularly, especially if you notice changes in your foot, such as lesions, swelling, or discoloration.

When it comes to foot and ankle conditions, don’t wait until the situation gets out of control or leaves lasting damage. It’s important to address any concerns as soon as they arise and seek professional medical care. If you are experiencing any of the above conditions, seek advice from a podiatry surgeon to maintain the health of your feet and prevent serious issues in the future. Taking care of your feet should be a top priority, and they can help ensure that you keep walking pain-free.

For more information, contact a podiatry surgeon in your area.