Should You Have A Lens Transplant?

If you're suffering from acanthamoeba keratitis, glaucoma, or another eye ailment that threatens to rob you of your sight, your ophthalmologist may have raised the possibility of a lens transplant as an option that could restore your natural vision if your sight is permanently compromised. How do you know whether a lens transplant is the right choice for you? Read on to learn more about the potential risks and benefits of this process.

How To Treat All Of The Worst Summer Skin Conditions

You may enjoy the time that you spend out in the sun during the summer, but this time of the year can have negative effects on the health of your skin. Rashes, acne, and unexplained red bumps can develop all over your body if you do not engage in certain preventative measures and if you actively work to kill the bacteria that contribute to common summer skin problems. Bumps and Blisters

Maybe It's Not Just Heartburn?

One day you realize that you take an antacid after nearly every meal you eat. The heartburn happens with most foods and the pain is getting worse. This may not just be a case of heartburn, but gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If you don't seek medical care for it, you could soon be faced with esophageal ulcers and even cancer. Here is what you need to know about GERD and why it's a serious threat to your health.

Which Long-Acting Contraception Method Is Right For You?

If you're not planning on trying to get pregnant anytime soon, but you also don't want to permanently rule out the possibility, choosing a long-term contraception method might be your best option. Unlike birth control pills, patches and shots, long-term contraception methods don't require you to continually remember to take a pill or go back to your gynecologist's office for regular appointments. They're more of a "one and done" type of deal, and they're over 99 percent effective.

Overtraining And Undertraining: The Sneaky Reasons Behind Your Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, most of which are readily identificable. For example, you know your sprained ankle resulted from a misstep, or your chronic knee pain can be traced to wearing the wrong shoes. Some injuries, however, have seemingly no apparent cause, and these can be the most frustrating to understand and can cause you to lose motivation. There are actually two sneaky phenomenons that can result in sports injuries and issues with motivation: overtraining and undertraining.